Surf travel is always fun. I try to travel one month travel X2 a year.
It is very hard...but once in a while I manege to escape from reality...
It might sound wired going Vietnam for surfing. But to me, it had been one of must place to
discover what's out there.
Vietnam as surftrip destination was started when I talk to Vietnam war vetran/surfer who used to
be pilot bombing Vietcom villages. I met him on the beach Hanalei and he told me that all the
perfect waves he saw from airplane. If you have seen movie called Apocalypse Now you may
remenber the surfing scene at rivermouth.
Since then, I had been dreaming perfect waves go unridden out there...

I have took serious surf reseach trip in Vietnam three times. Get a rental van with driver and
translator/guide and drove like crazy along the coast line between Na Chang and Lang Co.
Here's what I have found.

This is a rivermouth with nice left peeling.
Outside headland shows some bigger waves breaking.

You never know that gusty monsoon wind blowing at this time
and all the folloing beach was big but junk.
This headland was located at end of long strech of this beach where wind is offshore only here!
Also wave was cleanly shaped. As long as this monsoon wind blow,
there's alway some waves here.
NOTE: This photos were taken my second visit.
In my third visit of following year revealed there was sea wall construction going on
at this rivermouth.
I am not sure what change happened after that. Very sad.

Same beach of above rivermouth. Taken from nice littel restaurant in front.

I was so fortunate enough to see what Vietnam offer with typhoon swell.
By this time typhoon was so close and very next day it hit the city of Danang and killed 50 people.
This small bay has fun left hand sand bar. This day it was breaking outside.

This is by far my greatest discovery in Vietnam.
Large swell wrapping into this deep bay and showing what I had been dreaming...
It was perfect point break. I guess noone had ever surfed here.
I was super stoked to be able to experiment it.

Some wave came in wider...

Other side of bay has fun looking left.

And also goes unridden...

This is me trying to be first one to surf here.

Locals gather to check what the hell going on at their backyard...

By the tme I came in, all the people near village gather to see crazy foreigner in the stormy ocean.

Apparently it was the first time for local people to see surfing. They are super stoked.
I was feeling as if I became superstar just for oneday!

NOTE: Again, I found small seawall was built just in front of outside peak
during may third surf research. Very very sad...
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