MICRONESIA, 2007 Jan-Feb
I have a friend called Yu, who works as a surf guide on surfing charter boat in Indonesia in Summer.
He told me that he spent the winter of 2007/2008 on somewhere in Micronesia and scored good wave.
And he does same thing this winter again. I guess waves are really good out there...

On my last winter trip to Madeira, I missed my family so much and it is the must
to make this trip as family vacation. My internet research shows there's no swimming pool nor sandy beach
on the island. I don't know how kids can live with that heat without water, so I once gave up this trip.
But somehow we gave it a go...

Jungle adventure...

Manglove forests are so thick.

Koi the skippah.

Post adventure.


I can't wait to see what's gonna happen today!

There's no swimming pool on this island.
So we bought small swimming pool...

Looks climbable...

Koi's todays catch, huge snail!

We had a BBQ party with Japanese navy crews
and enjoyed local dance show.

Navy crew.

Jungle trekking.

found pig.

With captain Yu.

Hana trying catch fish for sashimi
and Koi trying to learn how to drive boat.

Happy camper!

Although there's no sandy beaches on the main island,
you can find small beaches on small island like this.

Somehow my kids love fishing
even though I never like it nor don't know how to, funny!

daddy's busy making coconuts juice.

This island is like green house,
flower and tropical plants everywhere.

One of water fall.
Nice place to be during day time heat.

As surf trip, I was totally skunked this time.
Wave never get bigger than shoulder high
and windy everyday...
Oh well, I had a fun on my longboard.

One of many reefpass...waiting to be surfed.

Koyo the skippah.

Japanese surf clan.

Sayonara...see you next winter...

P.S. This photo was taken the very next day I left...
Yu was grinning in da barrel...