One day I got an email from guy called Alex who was living Chiba in Japan..
Alex had a girlfriend from a country somewhere in Indochina and was about to
move to his girlfriend's home country. He was eager to surf there and we kept
in touch for our future exploration...

Flnally about over a year later, we plan to make it really happen.
Alex found a guy called Jeff who has done serious research privious year and
ready to join us for more exploration. And I called a guy called Gary whom I met
in Fiji a couple years ago. Gary has been interested in surfing this country so long time,
and he hopped on our boat right away.

So we are the team of 4 guys on the mission searching some perfect virgin
point break...

We drove around and were stuck in nowhere...
It is right middle of rainy season and pretty wet everywhere.

A guy at work.

We often stuck in nowhere and asking people@where to go...
Most of times, it's ended up for us being stupid clueless alian...
Locals have no clue what we are doing here...

Local market selling anything.
Here's local miracle herbs which give you some good time...

Lady selling sandwiches with french bread.
They are stuffed with ham, pork liver paste, vegi and some fish soysauce.
Sounds weird but taste pretty good. I eat 'em everyday

On the road again. Stuck in desert.

And stuck in river.

And stuck in farm.

And Stuck in muddy trail.

Hoping for some epic rivermouth waves...??

Nope! Still stuck in shitty beach break.

But, hey! I found cool coconuts!
Gary-san on the road.


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