It has been one of my dream to sail open ocean When I was about 10, I found a book
about first Pacific Ocean crossing by a young Japanese sailorman. I was really impressed
and remember reading that book 100 times...Although I learned small dingy yachting
a bit, I have never really been into sailing much. But yet sailing is one of my inerest and
I has been wondering how it like to be sailing open ocean on small yacht...

Then Bohemian offer crusing/surfing charter from Phuket, Thailand to North Sumatra, Indonesia.
I was on Bohemian in my first surfing boat trip to North Sumatra with friends.
Bohemian is such a small sailing yacht but well equipped with great people.
I had great time on my last trip and always wanted to come back.

On the other hand, Andaman Sea is known for its rough condition with hawling winds,
so I hesitated to give it a try. To tell the truth, I am very bad in sea sickness.
I remember I was always getting sea sick whenever my dad take me to fishing on small boat.
I have done a couple of surfing boat charter already and I survived them by going to bed and
try to sleep whenever I feel it is coming, and that has worked pretty good!
The new experience of sailing open ocean and exploring very remote area in north sumatra
were hard to pass by, so I made my decision to take a new lesson.

Special thanks to all on Bohemian;
Beverey, Peter, Rob, Gath the Skipper, Charlie the Marketing EO, Wandy the Chef and Pirate Steve!
You guys da best!!

Plus, plenny Mahalo to Bevery-san for those great photos...Arigato!!!