I have moved to where I am living right now to surf this outer reef.
This wave has been quiet last 3 years and it requires a lot of patient for me.
Thie swell direction wasn't very good for this wave and I almost gave up surfing this wave this time again.
Then, only a couple of hours in the morning, it was started breaking with decent condition
...with very calm offshore wind which is very rare for this place.

It has been a my mission to surf this wave on SUP since I started SUP surfing, so I figured this is the time!
Despites my nerve, I was surprisingly doing it really well, catching many waves without one mistake! I was super stoked!!

Jimmy Lewis 12' Gun worked pretty good. Foto:Mie Kushimoto

Foto:Mie Kushimoto

One of the bigger sets.
That is Kussy right before going over the wave on red SUP board.
NOTE: If you look very close, You can see me on top of the wave, just missed to catch this wave.
Foto:Mie Kushimoto

Mahalo Plenny to Mie-san and Kushimoto-san for da great fotos...you da best!!

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