This time not typhoon, just low pressure_November 13, 2008

Typhoon is not the only swell source but sometimes low pressure send good swell like typhoon do.
And this time looks-like-normal-low-pressure send some sizable swell.
Wind didn't accomodate but gave me once again, another chance for SUP big time challenge.

During the last typhoon swell, I used Pope Trisect SUP board and found that board is not strong enough for good size wave. But I got new one and wanted to try on it anyway...Bad decision!!
I caought some good waves and on the last wave, which turned out to be one of the wave-of today, I could not make last fast section and got donuts. Resulting poor Popy board in two pieces!
Oh well, I push the limits for Pope Trisect SUP board at least.

Sorry no surfing foto this time.

Windy but lots of waves.

My poor Pope trisect SUP.
That was brand new board, though.

All the metal joint perts and screws were tore off.
Hard built carbon fiber shaft was snapped in half. Pretty amazing!

Broken shaft.

Before and After.

Note: Foto below were taken previous day, by water proof digital camera.

Local legend, Jun-chan.
He is a born-local-fisherman and surfer with full of ocean knowledge.
He is also a big wave pioneer in this area.
I really look up to him as great waterman.

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