BAVI (Typhoon#18)_take2, October 20, 2008

Next day swell came up little more and gave a chance to try left hand point break.

Right after I got my first SUP board last winter, I gave a mission to myself;"Catch a good size wave on SUP this summer". So I figured that this is da day!

It was windy and kind a tricky wave. Fun wave for normal surfboard turned to be big challenge on SUP for me.

After checking photos, I was kind of disapointed because I was taking off from shoulder and not pushing into hollow deep section...What a shame.
But now I have a@new misson for next big swell on SUP, I guess.

And meanwhile shortboarders having fun...

Someone got barreled!(Ooops, not me!)


Some muckers coming through...

You never know what's coming behind...

Kohei-san going Ali'i style!

Drying smoked tuna at local fishing village..
A typical local scene around this area.

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