SOULIK (Typhoon#18)

OK sized typhoon was in pretty good position and moving slow.
I expected some fun wave....it ended up minor conditon.

I caught a couple of good ride and someone taking photos of me...
I am looking forward seeing them and update 'em here.

Swell size lacking, wrong wind and swell direction...We got wet anyway.

This is my friend, Kuni-san.

Hopefully more photo of myself coming soon...

Then, finally I got photos of myself my friend took...
Wave look better than it actually was...super stoked!
BIG Mahalo to Taccahn!! You da best!!!

All photos below was taken by Tacchan.

Wave suddenly stood up on this section.

And I almost lost control, but barely hanging there...

Again, kooking myself but still hanging there.

Into the last section...

On good day this section throw some good barrel...not this time.

Again, it stood up quick. I remember wall was pretty steep.

Again, Mahalo prenny, Tacchan!!

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