SUPER TYPHOON (Typhoon#12)
Huge tyhoon which was turned from hurricane generated near Hawaii approched toward Japan.
All the surfers expected epic swell and wondering where to surf.

This time, I take a risk to see some once a decade wave somewhere northern Japan.

Plus, I took my family including 6 years girl and 2 years boy.
We loaded camping gear and tons of diper, then took 20 hours+ ferry boat ride.

We spend 10 days camping days and had great fun...

Nice swell hitting this tip of cape...

River mouth showing some fun waves.

A local sea weed factory.

Kids love sea weed! Yam!!

Clean swell and nobody out...

Daddy goes surfing and kids play on the beach.

I found long left and nobady around...

There are tons of farm.

Kids love horse riding.

Back to the beach.
Water is warm enough to play in the water.

Boy charges to the shore break...

And girl collects some shell...

Luna the beach dog.

There are so many fun waves.

A country morning.

We will be back next summer!!

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